The Fuel Tank Capacity Of The 2 In 1 Knapsack Sprayer Is Betwee

  •   Manual and electric

      The 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer uses an internal pump to pump the liquid out of the chamber through a hose and then pumps the liquid out through a wand and nozzle. The pump can be operated manually or by an electric system (a more expensive option).

      The manual 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer is operated by a hand pump connected to the backpack room. Although this backpack sprayer is suitable for smaller yards, working once a season, and ordinary homeowners, it is not suitable for professionals who have to spray for several hours at a time. Manual pumping for a long time can cause muscle fatigue and pain. The average price of a manual knapsack sprayer is as low as US$40 to US$150.

      The electric 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer is battery or gas-powered, and the battery-powered model provides more versatility and simpler settings. The electric sprayer automatically pumps liquid from the backpack room to the wand without any physical labor. For large projects and long working hours, electric sprayers (which can run between about $100 to $500) are a better choice for busy professionals who rely on them every day.

      Fuel tank capacity

      Spray machine manufacturer's 2 in 1 knapsack sprayer has a fuel tank capacity between 2 gallons and 7 gallons. The smaller-capacity sprayer has a handle, while the largest sprayer has a wheeled cart. The sprayer between these two sizes is a real backpack sprayer. It is lightweight and can be carried on the back, but it is too heavy to be hung on the body by hand. For typical jobs, such as fertilizing lawns or spraying insects, a 4-gallon water tank can be used in a yard between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet.