How should we preserve disposable paper cups?

  • Recyclable Paper Cups are characterized by safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It is a paper container made of white paperboard made of chemical wood pulp by mechanical processing and bonding. Paper cups used for frozen foods are coated with wax, which can hold ice cream, jam, butter, etc. Paper cups for hot drinks can withstand temperatures above 90°C.

    As a disposable product, paper cups are convenient and quick to use and can be used in public places, restaurants, restaurants and other occasions. But paper cups cannot be placed at will when they are not in use, so how do we store them?

    1. The paper cup must be packed in a carton, not scattered outside, it will make the paper cup yellow and damp.

    2. The paper cup should be packed in a special plastic bag and the mouth of the bag should be tight so that there is no air leakage, which will also make the paper cup yellow.

    3. The paper cup should be placed in a dry place, and the carton should be sealed with tape to prevent moisture.

    4. The shelf life of paper cups is generally 1 to 2 years when they are packaged and stored. If they are placed randomly, the shelf life is generally half a year.

    As a Paper Cups Manufacturer, Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you to replace products that have exceeded the shelf life in time to avoid harm to your health.