The invention of the world's first mascara

  • I believe everyone is no stranger to Maybelline, a beauty brand, but you must not know that the first mascara in the world was invented by the founder of Maybelline.

    In 1913, Thomas Williams, a young Chicago chemist, encountered a problem. His sister Maybel fell in love with a boy who already had a girlfriend. Maybel tried her best to pursue her love. To make herself more attractive, she applied petroleum jelly to her eyelashes and eyebrows to make them look brighter.

    At this moment, her brother thought of adding toner to petroleum jelly and letting Maybel apply to her eyelashes. Indeed, looking at darker and longer eyelashes greatly increases the charm of women.

    In 1915, Maybel finally stepped on the red carpet with the man she loved. Two years later, his brother, in the name of his sister, Maybel added vaseline and launched the Maybelline mascara product. At that time, women started to use it for the first time. Mascara, and with the successive introduction and popularity of colored eye shadow and eyeliner, eye makeup has become diversified and rich, and women have also spent more money for this to make their eyes sparkling.

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