What kind of hanging photo holder is

  •   How is the hanging photo holder made?

      The first thing you need to do is to create a frame. We used a piece of wood purchased from B&Q and cut it into four pieces. Then we screwed these parts together to create a simple square frame. We decided not to tilt the edges in an "appropriate" frame, because I wanted it to have a slightly rustic sense of self-control. If you want something more professional, you can always tilt the corners so that these pieces can fit together perfectly without rough edges.

      The next step is to draw the frame. I want something bold to pop on our white wall, but if this is not your thing, you can treat the wood by staining or varnishing for a more subtle look.

      Then, you need to add hooks to the side of the frame so that you can tie a washing rope to hang your photos. Make sure that each hook matches the opposite hook, otherwise you will end up with an unstable laundry line. We used eyelet hooks.

      Finally, a piece of rope or wire is passed through the frame and tied to each set of hooks. We use a brown rope to add a rustic feel, but you can use a fishing line, bright-colored ribbon, or black thread depending on the look you want.

      I covered a series of wooden pegs with washi tape to fix my photos.

      And Tada! This is the finished frame-many stupid family snapshots have been completed. What do you think?

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