What are the materials of the metal key box



      Metal key box functions and options


      When choosing a metal key box for your home, business, or rental property, there are many different models and functions to consider. Here are some of the most important things you should look for when buying a metal key box.


      The material of the metal key box


      Options: steel/zinc, steel


      The material of the metal key box will greatly affect its durability and practicality for you. You obviously want the box as strong as possible so that no one can hit it with a hammer or pry it open with a crowbar to get the key.


      Most of the metal key boxes we can find are made of metal. Stronger materials (such as steel/zinc alloy) will prevent anyone from using brute force to break into the box. People who want to break it may try to use hammers and other blunt tools to break the lock or insert thin tools to break the hinge, so stronger materials almost always prevent them from doing so.


      Steel is still a strong material, but if there is no zinc alloy, it may be more easily destroyed. It will chip more easily than alloys.


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