Rsgoldfast - This is part of my own Mining mini-game idea

  • Therefore you would visit these mountains and OSRS gold locate a city with some king who thought adventurers were spies attempting to steal his gold or something (since the town could be prosperous with gold mines).

    In addition, in order to enlarge the map we could add another new realm apart from the one mentioned previously. This new kingdom could be found after the mountain pass (which would be very dangerous by the way) or in a massive island like karamja. But you're probably thinking" what is going to be the story behind this place?" .

    So... in order to get that you would also need to begin a pursuit. At the first place captain Ned in draynor will inform you there are stories of sailors locating a island which isnt in the maps but are afraid of going there. Your mission is to go investigate! When you get about the island you figure out people are diferent (cause they are japanese or chinese runescapians). This way we could also add samurai and ninja armour into the match as benefit in the quest. I am hoping that you guys like my ideas about this and please don't hesitate to provide your opinion! Or, if you have a diferent and far better idea please let me know.

    This is part of my own Mining mini-game idea. I thought this idea was great enough to maintain a seperate forum. If you want to visit my Mining mini-game forum, please proceed here. When your pickaxe's pick head flies off, you are left with a pickaxe handle and also the pick head that you lost. Imagine if you can change the pickaxe handle, but keep the pick head. These special pickaxe handles come in different sizes, shapes, and colours.

    To switch pickaxe handles, visit Nurmorf at the Dwarven Mines or Bob in his axe shop or whatever and ask him to change pickaxe handles. A long pickaxe handle can allow you to mine out of an extended distance. The longest pickaxe handle will be about three squares long. Different contours of cheap RuneScape gold a pickaxe handle may relaxation you grasp when you mine, so you can extract an ore quicker than normal.