The endorsements of players in NBA 2K22

  • The most significant update in the new-generation version is "City of Basketball" in the mode of Nba 2k22 Mt MC. "The "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 has been brought back to the community mode for 2K18 19. It combines the main storyline with the enormous "Basketball City" players have to increase their market share with side jobs such as fashion and music as well as their basketball careers. You can become an NBA player who has a complete development of intelligence, morality, physicality, art and labor.

    The plot of the game remains the same game plot from that of the 2K series. AI Junior DJ, and other characters that were played by players in the previous generations have also been made NPCs within this game. The plot of the story is very diverse, but the IQ of the script's interpretation can be quite variable, and the majority of plots do not have logic. This is quite embarrassing to the model of the profession that focuses on substitution.

    The endorsements of players in NBA 2K22 are divided by 10 different brand characteristics. Players can accumulate levels for brand attributes by completing various plot tasks including community-based activities as well as post-match interviews. Only when they reach a certain number of supporters and brand attribute levels will they be able to obtain the appropriate endorsement credentials.

    This greatly increases the game time for players outside the arena. NBA 2K22 comes with an RPG-like pointer cursor to perform various other tasks, but running on scooters in "Basketball City" is nonetheless a pain, especially the time spent and the reward isn't much of a success. Proportional.

    In general, the next version NBA 2K is still in the experimental stage. NBA 2K hopes to bring players a completely different experience than the previous version, but these changes will not be acceptable for buy 2k22 mt everyone. For many basketball fans, NBA 2K is the only option.