Metal Jacketed Gaskets are especially suitable for sealing heat

  •   Metal Jacketed Gaskets are made of graphite, ceramic, asbestos, or non-asbestos, and other fillers covered with thin metal jackets, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, etc. Through their effective sealing, they provide excellent resilience, while the metal jacket ensures excellent sealing and protects the packing from pressure conditions, temperature fluctuations, and corrosion.

      Metal Jacketed Gaskets are especially suitable for sealing the flat surfaces of heat exchangers, gas pipes, cast iron flanges, autoclaves, etc. By exerting strong pressure on the round edge of the flange, their sealing efficiency can make the deviation of the metal jacket gasket from the initial thickness up to 30%, which is very useful for irregular or defective flange edges. The chemical compatibility of the metal and the sealed medium should be considered.

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