Do I need to empty the Sealed AGM Battery to prevent the memory

  •     What is the life span of the Sealed AGM Battery?

      The life of a sealed lead-acid battery depends on many factors, including application, operating temperature, and charging method. Generally speaking, Sealed AGM Battery can last 300-500 cycles. Never store the battery in a discharged or partially charged state. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, be sure to charge the battery before storing it.

      What is the shelf life of my Sealed AGM Battery?

      All Sealed AGM batteries will self-discharge. If the battery is charged irregularly, its full capacity may not be restored. Generally, Sealed AGM Battery self-discharge 3% per month. We recommend that you check and charge it every three months. The Sealed AGM Battery must not be stored for more than six months without being charged. Store the battery in a dry, cool place. The ideal storage temperature is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

      Do I need to empty the Sealed AGM Battery to prevent the memory effect?

      will not. The sealed AGM Battery will not be affected by the memory effect. Depleting the Sealed AGM Battery may damage it.

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