Sealed Agm Battery is considered a sealed lead-acid battery

  •   The Sealed Agm Battery is considered a sealed lead-acid battery, and it contains a special glass fiber pad that contains the electrolyte solution between the battery plates.

      In the Sealed AGM Battery, the electrolyte is in a dry state (as opposed to a flooded battery with a wet electrolyte). When the battery is working, the electrolyte will move from the glass mat to the battery plate as needed. The mat contains enough electrolyte to allow the battery to reach its full capacity.

      Unlike flooded lead-acid batteries, you do not need to add distilled water to them. Therefore, it does not require any maintenance. Compared with wet batteries or gel batteries, the battery has better vibration resistance and impact resistance.

      They charge faster than lead-acid batteries. However, they are not as fast or efficient as lithium-ion batteries.

      The Sealed Agm Battery was originally designed for use in the aerospace industry. It has a splash-proof design and can easily transport batteries that usually contain hazardous materials. Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries that require frequent addition of water to prevent sulfation, AGM batteries are not prone to sulfation.

      The following are the advantages and disadvantages of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

      Advantages of Sealed Agm Battery:

      Their internal resistance is very low

      They can provide high current when the load needs it

      They are maintenance-free

      Lighter than lead-acid batteries filled with water

      It charges five times faster than lead-acid or gel batteries

      It provides 80% depth of discharge

      They have a longer lifespan

      You can store them for a long time without charging

      It won't overflow

      It can withstand low temperatures

      Low self-discharge

      Disadvantages of Sealed Agm Battery:

      It is much more expensive than lead-acid

      Production capacity is gradually decreasing

      Overcharging will shorten battery life and may even destroy it

      You should always store it in a charged state

      Their specific energy is low

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