How to keep the pressure gauge running well

  •   Air manometer maintenance

      There are some important things to do to keep your pressure gauge running well. The first is to ensure that the partition fittings remain open to the interior of the spray booth and exhaust chamber. If paint accumulates on the partition fittings, you will not be able to get the correct reading from the Air manometer (this is easy to fix with a pick to remove the coating on the top of the partition in the spray booth). Secondly, when it is not operating at least every two weeks, you should reset the booth to zero so that your Air manometer reading is incorrect. Third, you need to change the metering oil in the Air manometer from time to time, because it will evaporate over time.

      By following these tips and recommendations about the Air manometer, you can install and maintain a well-functioning Air manometer, which will help comply with regulations and know when to replace the paint booth filter to maximize the life of the paint booth fan.

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