Dimout Fabric Don’t Completely Block Light Like Blackout

  •   Like blackout curtains, Dimout Fabrics are designed to block light, but they aren’t exactly the same. Room darkening curtains are made with a fabric liner that’s not quite as thick as the one used with blackout curtains and which allows a small amount of light through. As a result, you won’t block light entirely as you would with blackout curtains, but you will still get a significant darkening effect.

      If you placed a flashlight behind a blackout curtain, you would see zero light shining through the fabric. If you shined the flashlight behind a room darkening curtain, about 5% of the light would seep through.

      Room darkening curtains may be a perfect choice if you don’t want a bedroom or nursery to be completely dark, but still want to shut out enough light to promote good sleep. Room darkening curtains can also be an excellent option for restaurant owners or other business owners who wish to create a certain ambiance and level of privacy for guests without blacking out the room completely.

      Pros of Room Darkening Curtains

      Not sure if room darkening curtains are right for you? Here are the benefits of room darkening curtains to help you decide:

      Since room darkening curtains aren’t as thick as blackout curtains, they typically cost less.

      Room darkening curtains offer similar benefits as blackout curtains, such as increasing privacy, reducing energy bills, blocking noise and protecting floors and furniture from sun damage.

      Room darkening curtains don’t completely block light like blackout curtains but still darken a room significantly.

      Cons of Room Darkening Curtains

      Depending on your needs, you may find that room darkening curtains aren’t the solution you’re looking for. Here are a few disadvantages:

      Room darkening curtains may not provide the level of darkness you want in a room.

      Similar to blackout curtains, room darkening curtains are thick and require sturdy hardware.

      You’ll still need to use electric light sources to see well when room darkening curtains are closed.

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