Paracord Sports Figure Keychains-Wooden Crafts For Kids

  •   Each year, my World Senior Games Volleyball team travels to Utah in October. They host all kinds of games. It’s a tradition that each team bring a gift for each player on each team they play. This year I decided to make Paracord Sports Figure Keychains! You can create these based on your favorite sport or a sport that you coach, like basketball, soccer, or football.


      Parachute cord

      Key ring

      Sports beads (assortment or individual packs)

      Wood bead



      How to Make a Paracord Sports Figure

      1. Cut two different colors of paracord to 16 inches. Have your other supplies ready as well.

      2. Loop one paracord color through the key ring. Tie an over hand knot through the key ring and pull tight.

      3. Thread a wooden bead through one end of the paracord. This is the head. Then lay the other color of paracord underneath the first color, at the middle point.

      4. The knot you will be making is called a Cobra Stitch. You will be tying 3 of these knots. Once you have finished, push the cobra stitches up to the bead.

      5. Slide a sports bead on one arm, or you can put it on the leg. For this wooden crafts for kids wholesale, I chose a volleyball on the arm. Then tie a knot on the arms and legs to your desired length.

      6. Trim the access paracord past the knot – leave a little bit at the end.

      7. Melt the ends past the knots with a lighter, then flatten with a steel tool (or the side of the lighter).

      Now you have the Paracord sports figure! If you want to dot some eyes and a smile on the wooden bead you can also do that. Add it to your key ring, give it as a gift, or keep it somewhere memorable.

      Stay tuned for the craft we come up with next year!

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