The Tutorial Of Wooden Craft Reindeer Winter Scene

  •   I have always wanted to make a wooden reindeer with my kids, they are so cute and are great to addition to your nature table or Christmas nativity scene. Our lovely packer, Judit, who is very handy with wood working tools, came over one afternoon and taught us how to create a reindeer, Christmas tree and wooden snowman from branches of wood found in our garden. This is a really simple craft idea using woodworking tools; a perfect project to get kids used to working with tools.

      You will need: A saw, mitre, hand drill, some branches of wooden crafts wholesale, small branch of fir, glue and some red, black and orange paint.

      1 - Using a saw, cut 1 base/slice for your Christmas tree and 5 slices of wood for your snowman.

      2 - Drill a hole in the centre of your wooden disc.

      3 - Stick in your little branch of fir or pine to create a mini Christmas tree.

      4 - To make a snowman, start by gluing a small disc on to a larger disc; this will be your snowman's hat.

      5 - Glue a smaller disc on to the side of a larger disc to create the body of the snowman.

      6 - Glue on the snowman's hat and a base.

      7 - Using a small stick (we used a chicken skewer cut in half), dip into black paint and dot the eye, mouth and some buttons. Also using a stick, dip into orange and paint a carrot nose.

      8 - Lastly, the reindeer. Use a saw to cut a cylindrical shape; this will be the main body of the reindeer. It doesn't matter what size, as long as the piece used as the head is smaller.

      Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Wooden Reindeer Winter Scene

      9 - Using a mitre, saw a smaller piece of wood at an angle at one end and straight at the other. Gather 5 pieces of wood, 4 for legs and 1 for neck.

      10 - Drill 4 holes on one side of the reindeer body and one on the opposite side close to the edge. This is where the neck will be.

      11- Drill 1 hole close to the straight edge of your reindeer head and 2 holes on the opposite side close to the angled edge - this is where your antlers will be.

      Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids - Wooden Reindeer Winter Scene

      12 - Find 2 small twigs and place into your drilled holes to create antlers, attach head to body and insert the 4 remaining twigs as legs.

      13 - Using your chicken skewer or stick, paint eyes and a red nose.

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