Meet with me in Taverly

  • Sanfew: Well, I am not certain how you'd start the sarcophogas. Only the elite Bandos followers can do that. However, to OSRS Items force your friend out, you could discover an item of hers, take it into an obelisk and create a summoning pouch of her. Then you just summon her. Oh, and you'll need to give her a particular potion so that she will not just disappear after a couple of minutes. I am confused.

    Meet with me in Taverly. I will explain more. Go to Taverly and inquire Sanfew about your encounter with him. He'll explain that to ultimately free Zanik, you have to open the box thing, summon her using a pouch, and then use a potion on her so she does not disappear like most of your other familiars.

    However, how do I open the sarcophogas? I do not know. Maybe you can check everything you know of Bandos to find an idea? What about the pouch? Pikkupstix is your guy for it.

    Go speak to Pikkupstix. Request about the Zanik Pouch, and he will tell you to acquire a cherished thing of Zanik's, in addition to a green allure and 23 soul shards, to produce the pouch. For the potion, you require spirit weed, floor up character rune, a distinctive chemical, which he gives you, and nail beast nails.

    Now you still need a means to open the box. Should you read the first book you have earlier, the person with the gauntlets, you're going to understand how to make them. You will need 2 bronze bars and one steel bar. Proceed to the Goblin Village and then try to use this anvil in Buy RS 3 Gold the generals's home. Wartface will prevent you.