Zanik jumps forward and is hit

  • Now, you can fight him. He is level 463 and has an advanced version Fire Wave that hits 30s and smoke Barrage. The prayer you make will give you some protection, similar to OSRS Accounts in PvP. He is a powerful mage therefore you should range him. Zanik will fight him too. At 2/3 health, he will leap to your platform and engage in melee. He will make fun of your efforts and then throw an Smoke Blitz at 1/3 health. Zanik jumps forward and is hit. Wyvoch teleports. You and Oldak hurry Zanik back to Dorgeshkan and begin taking care of her poison.

    Oldak will tell you that Zanik will get better over time, but it will take some time. In the meanwhile you should visit Thaerisk at Falador Castle, who will inform you that Lucien was found. An island located in the north of the wilderness has appeared and it is too risky to teleport to, as there is a good chance that there will exist antiteleportation spells.

    This means that you'll have to construct a boat with 14 planks of wood and 200 nails, any kind. When you're close to the Rogues Castle, you will see a place to begin your boat. The White Knights will have it there for you, so you can save room to eat.

    Take the boat on, and head to the center of the island to find in the area where Hazeel, Zemouregal, Enakhra and Lucien are gathered. Lucien will notice your presence, and attack to show off to his friends his new abilities. Turn on Protect from Magic or you will end up dying.

    When Lucien is only half health and a cutscene is triggered. Your prayer stops and you're defeated by Lucien. Summer Bonde, Spirit of Summer is suddenly seen and will restore your prayer. She will discuss the importance of buy OSRS Fire Cape never losing faith, even when you are in danger.