Their suspicion gauge should be at zero

  • Evaluating their score. Their suspicion gauge should be at zero. However, it is possible. If their suspicion meter reading is 1 is likely to RuneScape Gold indicate an easily-tricked person. They might be a bot if their suspicion gauge is reading 2, however it's possible that they are. If the suspicion meters are reading 3, they may be a bot, or they may have been publically off. If their suspicion meters are at 4, they may be a bot. But, there's not enough evidence to support this.

    The suspicion meter of theirs should be between 6 and 10 but don't make any assumptions. If the suspicion meter of theirs is 11 or more, they are definitely an automated system and you must report them without hesitation unless what they're doing isn't causing harm to your health in any way. This is unlikely even if they have a score regardless.

    What to do if they are bots? First things first, report them, but don't forget about them until you log out. You won't want them to forget that if they start talking. If they travel through any closable doors or gates, close them to disorient them. Drop junk objects on squares that they click. This can reduce their speed by adding more to their inventory, and therefore more frequent banking trips and less annoyance for you.

    Dress in colors that are similar to the minerals they're mining, the trees they cut, or the flax that they are picking. The idea is to draw the person into danger, or get out of their way. The majority of modern bots aren't dumb, but this strategy isn't always efficient.

    It is possible to place marker seeds on the squares click. A few macros have a pattern for clicking and they may be distracted by something. This could make them click in the wrong spots. If you have a pet or summoning familiar, position said familiar on Buy RS 3 Gold the areas they might be clicking, like on flax. This will make them confused or, at the very least, stop them taking the thing.