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  • Yes! That is a fantastic point, I enjoyed the way the motif changed as you got further to the dungeons to keep it interesting as it progressed. I have not heard much about sailing but id be curious OSRS Gold how it would work or if there has been any discussion please link! Fun, I did not see any mention of teams, ideally if it comes to fruition, that can be added either with a crew or even a fleet at the non PvP part. Just bear in mind a lot of things that was suggested because 2015 dev site about drifting eventually came such as fossil island and the new prayers.

    Like it'd overlook the nuance of my response some queries felt. For instance about me than 6 months 12, the question is because I've got a job. There wasn't any method that my response could be interpreted that I am playing less simply because I am less curious to describe. Same with the Covid question. I'm playing because around the time Covid became a global issue. How do I answer questions? The survey felt just like that. It sure as hell didn't feel like"Your survey feedback will affect future upgrades and help shape Runescape's direction. It's a chance to pitch the team your articles designs"

    Where was the part for this last part? You could barely elaborate on few of the pre-existing questions, allow a lone give completely new ideas or feedback about existing places within jagex you think needs improvement that doesn't have anything to do with dev work/content updates. The survey seemed more about giving them the answers they need and push it in that way (poll questions, images, control questions ), which makes them (jagex) as a company look great (probably for investors) and to harvest user data (to sell to advertisers) and way less concerning the near future of Runescape etc.. )

    Biggest skill improvements easily Smithing and fletching. Crafting has super game function with zenytes. Fletching arrows I figure and has dragon darts. Smithing has rune.make these abilities useful for late game items. For me it was construction, despite having my favorite rewards the training technique is awful to me personally and depends on aligned cameras etc.. For methodology construction is up there I concur. I'd love to see more world development construction honestly. Like envision you can improve how cities look (like burgh p rott activities ).

    Even possibly as OSRS Buy Gold a profit idea. Like you and also you become jobs and xp and an agency fee, respectively. Less xp/hr than the methods but turning to some money for those who don't need to drop 30m. Agree. Development construction could be fantastic. Each area could have its own guild with projects that are exceptional to be constructed throughout the region. I would certainly be interested in reliable experience Instead of gain though.