A whole fleet of boats in your possession

  • You are given an unexpected OSRS GP side-quest to pray. He requests you to purify the river around the white knights castle. Once the purifier is finished, you must pour it into the river that flows around the white knights castle. You will gain lots of exp to your prayer skill after you've completed the side-quest. For every four hours, you are only able to return to the side-quest.

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    Karajama, Birmenhaven, Crandor, Entrana, Miscellania. All of these places have some thing in common. They are all islands. There are a lot of the islands. The majority of islands have quests and dungeons and new monsters. To reach these islands you will need to charter a vessel and fly to or transfer to it. It can be frustrating so you should just sail there.

    I have decided, by popular vote, that this skill should be referred to "Sailing" - I will let the poll stand to hear your thoughts. For the first time you can experience sea life it is necessary to visit any Runescape port. You can now buy the "Frame" which is the frame of your ship, for a set amount dependent on the material. Wood will be used to construct the frame as well as the ship. Any type of wood is available, except for the magic. When you purchase the frame from the bar , or the person who is in charge you must get materials. It's similar to building.

    Planks are required (Of the kind of old school runescape gold wood you are building your vessel out of) a hammer, nails and a saw. The frame comes in three sizes. You can choose from small, medium, or large frames. Small frames are 10k, medium frames are 50k Large frames are 100k. When the frame is completed it is time to begin attaching the planks to it. It will take around 100 planks to finish the outside of the boat. As your level advances, you will be capable of adding more planks to your boat. You can expand the dimensions of your boat or even buy more than one boat. It's incredible, think about it. A whole fleet of boats in your possession (If you're wealthy at least).