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  • Home Textile Fabrics Suppliers introduces the difference between jacquard and embossing:

    1. Different production methods
    ①Jacquard: the warp yarn or weft yarn will sink and float on the surface of the fabric or interlace the staggered changes according to the law to form a pattern or pattern.

    ②Embossing: using physical and chemical methods, plant materials including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, etc., are dehydrated, color-preserved, pressed, and dried to form flat flowers. After the ingenious design, they are made into one Piece of exquisite decorative paintings, cards, and daily necessities.

    2. Different features
    ①Jacquard: The cycle change of the jacquard machine is increased, the colors are more and richer, and the beautiful and highly simulated patterns can be woven.

    ② Embossing: The biggest feature of embossing art is that it comes from nature and returns to nature. The return to the nature of embossing art is very consistent with the pursuit of modern people.