Introduce The Benefits Of Using Cam Buckles

  • Cam Buckle Straps are one of the most unique types of fastening straps because they do not use mechanisms to secure items, such as the Ratchet Strap that uses a ratchet to tighten the cargo. Cam Buckle Straps are tightened by using the power of your hand, and can only be tightened with the physical tightening force of your hand. Some of the main benefits of using belts such as Cam Buckle are that when tightening these belts, sensitive surfaces are rarely damaged, such as antiques, light goods with sensitive edges, or fragile valuables.

    Cam Buckle Straps use Cam Buckles with belt-like clips. Once you pull the tightening webbing and release the Cam Buckles, the belt will be fixed in place. This is the ideal cargo fixing for lighter-weight cargo or fragile cargo. Ideally, Cam Buckles is one of the most commonly used belts for porters.

    Different play styles of Cam Buckle Straps:
    1. Half-knot buckle method: The half-knot buckle method is the most common method when tying the car. Just wind one end of the rope into a circle, and then pass the vehicle hook through the middle of the rope loop.
    2. How to make a figure-knot buckle: wind one end of the rope into a circle, then pass the end of the rope under the rope and then wind it back, and finally pull the end of the rope tightly.
    3. Flat-knot buckle play: loop one end of the rope around the city, and then place the end of the rope and the rope in a parallel position. Then pass the end of the other rope through the circle of this rope, go under the rope, and then pull it back and tighten it.