Applicable environmental parameters of 2D CryoTube

  • Today we will introduce the product features of 2D CryoTube:

    Medical grade polypropylene material, resistant to high temperature and pressure, and can be repeatedly frozen and thawed.

    Two-color printing on the tube body, a writing area, black scale printing, and six colors for the tube cover.

    Can provide pre-built international standard Datamatrix QR code cryopreservation tube, and can customize the QR code.

    The preset two-dimensional code adopts unique microscopic imaging 2D coding technology.

    Gamma-ray sterilization, no RNase, no DNase, no endotoxin and exogenous DNA.

    Provide 2D cryopreservation tube and scanning PC cryopreservation box combination disinfection kit.

    Parameter: Withstand -196℃ ~121℃, safe storage under liquid nitrogen phase conditions.

    Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a cryotube wholesale manufacturer, we provide customers with high-quality 2D cryotubes and SBS tubes. Our cryotube has complete specifications to meet different needs.

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