Diversity Of 2D Cryotube

  • Cryogenic Storage Vials adopts a unique imaging two-dimensional coding system, which can be quickly identified by most brands of two-dimensional code scanners, which is convenient for information query and tracking and is mainly used for sample library management. And the low-temperature storage bottle can customize the color of the cap, which helps to easily manage different samples.

    The refrigeration tube is made of high-quality polypropylene, which will not deform under high temperature and high-pressure sterilization. The freezing tubes are divided into 0.5ml freezing tubes, 1.8ml freezing tubes, 5ml freezing tubes, and 10ml freezing tubes. The freezing tubes also include plastic freezing tubes, cell freezing tubes, bacterial freezing tubes, and so on. Used for low-temperature storage of samples, used to preserve samples such as whole blood, serum, and cells

    We provide customers with high-quality 2D CryoTube and SBS tubes. Our Cryotube specifications are complete to meet different needs.