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  • 1. What is a self-made safety buckle lock?

    In short, self-made Iron Padlock Suppliers safety buckle locks refer to a type of concealed buckle lock used on shell machinery and equipment. From this perspective, it should be said that a very large part of the safety buckle locks are self-made safety buckles. Lock. Because most of the hidden buckles are installed on the shell machinery and equipment, but different customers will have different names. Self-made safety hasp locks are widely used, especially in the field of industrial production. It is very possible to use self-made safety hasp locks in different fields. Like everyone's products, they are also used in every field, because they are all ecological parts and can be installed in areas where customers think they can be used.

    Self-made safety buckle locks are a category of auxiliary software buckle products, used in a small customer segmentation field, and it can have some relevance or characteristics in this small field. It is easier to be accepted by customers in the small areas of customer segmentation, and it has a higher degree of discrimination. For a long time, it has created a default application standard in this field.

    2. What raw materials are used in the box buckle lock?

    Laminated Steel Padlock Manufacturers' self-made safety buckle locks can use 304 metal materials, which are more widely used and universal materials in industrial production. Its high-quality plasticity and super strong corrosion resistance are the most important reasons for its wide application. The essence that can be maintained for a long time whether it is used outdoors in the house. Such raw materials generally do not need to be used as the metal surface of the method of adding raw materials, but only to be used for vibration polishing and grinding and polishing. Therefore, everyone also recommends that customers use products with such raw materials. Although everyone also has iron raw materials and 201 metal materials.