High pressure cleaners are used in various industries

  • How to use the high pressure cleaner and what is the correct method of operation?

    A high-pressure cleaner is a machine that uses a power device to make a high pressure plunger pump produce high pressure water to wash the surface of an object, peel off and wash away the dirt, and achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the object. Because of its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, it is widely used in various industries. When using it, it is necessary to pay great attention to safety issues and strictly operate in accordance with procedures and requirements. The high pressure washer leaked electricity due to improper use, and people were electrocuted to death from time to time. Next, the manufacturer of Wuxi Prito cleaning equipment tells you how to use the high pressure cleaner?

    The correct operation method of the high pressure cleaner:

    1. Preparation before starting

    Before starting the machine, check whether the screws and nuts of each part of the washing machine are loose. 30# or 40# oil has been added to the axle box of the pump, and the oil level must be checked (it is beneficial to just overflow the oil mirror).

    2. Water inlet pipe connection

    Put the water inlet hose on the water inlet joint of the pump body, then put on the throat clamp, and tighten the screws on the throat clamp to ensure that the connection is firm and air-tight. Then, according to the water source, put the other end on the tap or put it into the water supply pool (the water inlet must be completely immersed in the water). The water inlet pipe requires a filter to prevent the inhaled impurities from damaging the high pressure pump.

    3. Connection of outlet pipe

    Connect the piercing joint end of the high pressure hose with the quick-change joint on the water outlet of the machine; the other end is connected with the threaded joint on the spray valve. Refer to the structure diagram for the connection method (the connection method of the quick-change joint: just push the knurled sleeve backward, and then push the joint flat). Note: The high pressure water pipe can not be twisted, try to stretch and straighten it.

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