Introduction of Pipe Threading Tools

  • The difference between thick floss and fine floss of Pipe Threading Tools
    If you choose between coarse and fine threads, you might choose coarse threads.

    However, if you use sheet metal, the situation changes. In this case, you should choose fine threads.

    Coarse threads have fewer threads per inch than fine threads. Moreover, coarse threads are more common than fine threads. This is because coarse threads have more uses.

    Thin lines are more prone to misalignment or paper jams. The thick line enters at an angle to avoid such complications. Finally, this makes coarse threads easier to install.

    On the other hand, fine thread is stronger than coarse thread. Fine threads are very thin, so they take up less surface area available for the screw.

    However, coarse threads can better prevent potential spalling. Coarse threads are more tolerant of any damage or corrosion that may occur. Therefore, there is more room for error.

    The fine thread enables professionals to achieve fine adjustments. Each turn of fine thread is smaller than that of coarse thread. Therefore, those who use fine-threaded screws have more control over placement.

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