Old School RuneScape: What is the most profitable way to make m


    Old School RuneScape offers players a variety of ways to earn currency in-game. If you are not willing to spend more energy farming OSRS Gold, then improving your combat skills is the key, and it can also bring considerable profits by defeating different bosses in the game.

    RPGStash will provide you with a variety of bosses that can bring huge rewards, which is also a way for you to make quick money in the game, they are Dagannoth Kings, Abyssal Sire, Cerberus, Zulrah, Vorkath and so on. Make sure your battle level is strong enough, and the rewards for winning battles are not only runescape 2007 gold but also more rare OSRS Items.

    Defeat Vorkath for a reward

    After completing the Dragon Slayer II quest, you can use Vorkath, which provides approximately 5 million OSRS Gold per hour. When you successfully kill Vorkath, you will see the dragon bone and dragon skin drop. This will earn you around 64,000 OSRS GP in rewards.

    Of all the OSRS bosses, this is a very worthwhile boss to pursue when you consider how much you can earn by just dropping it. After completing the Dragon Slayer II quest, you will be free to use your excellent earning powers.

    For fighting the Dagannoth Kings, you can earn 3 million gold per hour, and challenging the Abyssal Sire can help you earn 3 million OSRS GP per hour. With 4 million gold per hour up for grabs, Zulrah is a well-known boss among Old School Runescape players. There's a lot of hourly gold to craft, and some neat drops.

    You can always choose to Buy RS3 Gold to sell if you want, although the game will usually offer you a way to earn it. Once you've done your research and you've got enough power to do the task at hand, then get ready to roll into the gold.