Quality of Blanket Fabric

  • Whether you need a quilt to cover your bed or stand alone Blanket Fabric' blanket, our blankets provide luxury, comfort and an exceptionally soft touch. Americans love a cozy, warm blanket to hug while sleeping, watching TV, or relaxing. The double-frame construction helps it withstand trips from the washing machine, and the fleece fabric doesn't fluff, so it feels soft and smooth to the touch. Available in five colors and four sizes, you're sure to find the perfect fleece blanket for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

    The fleece material in our blankets is made from spun polyester, giving the blanket versatility and durability with the following qualities:

    warmth and thickness
    Ability to retain moisture and maintain daily use
    Does not thin or clump even with repeated use
    If it gets wet, it dries quickly
    People also like to use wool blankets for other uses, such as on the family room sofa, or as a spare or extra blanket for the guest room or even travel.

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