Take You Through Tap Filter & Shower Filter

  • As the name implies, the Tap Filter & Shower Filter(KOKOELECTRIC) are devices that can be directly connected to the faucet and then function as primary purification water, belonging to a miniature water purification device. Is the tap filter & shower filter useful? Many people think that tap water will filter like that, can it have a good purification effect? This kind of equipment can have certain effects, but it also has certain limitations and disadvantages. It can meet the general water needs of the family.

    1. What is the function of the tap filter & shower filter?

    The tap filter & shower filter out contaminants, insects, algae, rust in the tap water, remove residual chlorine and odor and improve the taste. The filtered tap water is weakly alkaline. It is healthy water quality. It can be used to wash vegetables, rice, rice, soup, tea, etc. to provide safe and healthy drinking water. It can also clean the face and brush your teeth. Hygienic washing water. The faucet water purifier is suitable for households whose tap water source is contaminated and contains rust and pollutants.

    2. Price of tap filter & shower filter

    The market price ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, and the price of mainstream products is generally around 300.

    3. Disadvantages of tap filter & shower filter

    Although the price is cheap, there are many deficiencies compared to the household water purifier. In principle, the bacteria and rust in the tap water will be pushed into the core of the faucet water purifier, and all the faucet water purifiers should be cleaned regularly. From the point of view of filtration, it is generally secondary filtration of color, which is far from the purification effect of the household water purifier. Some faucet water purifiers only have a little activated carbon, not even filter devices, let alone sterilizing, dechlorinating, reducing hardness, activation, mineralization, magnetization, and can achieve such effects only pure water machine or direct drinking machine.

    4. What brand of tap filter & shower filter is good?

    For those who want to buy a faucet water purifier, the first thing is to buy a good quality brand. Poor products, less activated carbon, no filter effect in a few days, and the filter is often a big price.

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