How to Reduce The Frequency of Combine Chains Failures

  • How to reduce the frequency of these failures of the combine chains(GETECHAIN), the combine chains will often crack in addition to wearing. Cracking is generally caused by improper use of the combine chains. For example, if the combine chains carry too much material and exceed the load of the combine chains, the chain will crack. Also, in the application process, the combine chains work continuously, so that the combine chains cannot rest and the chain will crack.

    The maintenance of the combine chains is very important for its service life, and the combine chains should be cleaned regularly. The application environment of the combine chains is also critical to the service life of the chain. Generally, stainless steel chains, galvanized chains, and nickel-plated chains are better used in corrosive occasions or outdoors.

    Wear and cracking are common in the application process of combine chains. Generally, combine chains show more wear and tear. Wear is generally due to long-term use of the combine chains, improper operation in the process of use, and inferior steel materials used in the combine chains.

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