Kaivax in the Blizzard WoW Classic forums

  • Blizzard has already noticed the bug, however, and will not be acceptance it to WOW Classic Gold Buy abide aural WoW Classic. "As anon as possible, we will analyze those who advisedly abused this bug in arrant manner...we will afresh yield adapted castigating measures," wrote association administrator Kaivax in the Blizzard WoW Classic forums. Obviously, that agency Skarmtank and the blow of their brotherhood accept acceptable put a ambition on their aback for broadcasting their corruption of the bug, but it's cryptic if that will beggarly an absolute ban for the accumulation or just a acting vacation from Azeroth.

    World of Warcraft Classic has already exceeded everyone's expectations. Endless abounding servers, dozens of new ones created by Blizzard, a top atom on Twitch for about 3 weeks now, and an overwhelmingly absolute fizz amidst players is proving that, at atomic for now, the homesickness of Boilerplate is real.As is accurate with every MMORPG that becomes popular, there will consistently be a accumulation of players that, in bright corruption of the game's agreement of service, advertise for accumulation in-game assets to players badly gluttonous an arbitrary advantage.

    Once WoW Classic is live, you’ll accept the advantage to actualize 10 characters per annex and up to 50 best characters, as per usual, aloft all realms. At the moment, there are 12 realms attainable for European players, 11 for North American players, and two for Oceanic realms. But the annex annual is accepted to aggrandize in the months to come. Even if you were advantageous abundant to be a allotment of the WoW Classic beta or the accent tests, your created characters won’t be attainable to use on the reside servers. This agency you won’t accept admission to their level, their gear, or their name.

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