Pixel Worlds is a cross-platform online MMO sandbox indie game

  • Pixel Worlds is a free to play MMO online cross-platform indie sandbox game that lets you create, play, craft and build. Having a unique adventure, get a gem, playing with friends, get friends along the way and collect items to show off! Users of Microsoft Store is now able to join this adventure with the users of Android, iOS and steam, or the same user can play wherever he wants!

    In Pixel Worlds, players create their own world with building blocks and other items ranging from furniture to clothing. Players also build a platform levels for others to play, markets to trade in-game items and info-world to help new players. The game also overlap to social media in a way that is unique, with its own official YouTube and Twitch channel featuring content created by Kukouri weekly. In addition, the studio works in various media influencers. In addition, our site 5mmo.com has a large quantity of safe Pixel Worlds Byte Coins for sale.

    There is one very easy, and very fast method to become rich, and support the developers at the same time. It is to buy gems or VIP. Now I know, you probably do not have too much money, but this is really the fastest way to become rich in the game. Gems: You will instantly get gems that you need right away. No waiting required. VIP: You will get 500 gems a day, ultimately generating more / the same amount to buy a gem, depending on how many gems you buy / time of your VIP. You also get access to the VIP entrance in daily bonuses, and there will you find a rare gift that you can sell for a high key world, or keep for yourself.

    Violating the block can generate word block, seeds and gems. You can plant a seed into the ground by selecting them from your inventory and then click on the block within your reach. The seeds were planted will grow and grow into mature trees that can be harvested by punching it. Harvested trees produce blocks and can also drop seeds and gems. For example. A tree Block Block Land Land will produce and may also drop Block Seed Soil and gems. blocks obtained can then be placed in the world and was broken again.