Handy Features of Version 11.1.3 - IBM Cognos Training

  • Complex software systems often have logs to store different information that is functional for debugging, data mining and analysis. IBM Cognos is the same software with different types, targets and levels of Cognos logging. It has the fundamental tools for error exposure and timestamps that help to segregate performance issues. It informs you of everything when reports were run, logged on and changes made in the information. With this data, you can start to gather figures concerning your environment usage and maintain track records of the actions without guessing. Explore this brilliant software by attending IBM Cognos Training and become a professional in handling this advanced software system.



    The updated version of IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, which was released recently, has in-built ease-of-access features at a low-cost price. It is designed to enlarge the enterprise-level business analytics with less expertise and small budgets for medium and small businesses that face the same problems as big organizations.


    Tiers of Version 11.1.3


    IBM has offered start-up tier for beginners with Cognos. IBM Cognos Analytics Version 11.1.3 is available in three different packages. Moreover, a combination of these tiers is also available to suit customized environments to provide controlled access for better operation.


    Non-skilled users can leverage version 11.1.3 for performing business analytics on their own. Its Artificial Intelligence is also enhanced to provide type further suggestions, understand qualifiers such as averages and can identify the variable workers. Users can request the AI Assistant to create a dashboard depending on three actions that it finds most important. These dashboards are validated as extremely effective for businesses.



    IBM Cognos Version 11.1.3


    Zack Levine, Portfolio Management Analyst said, “The integration of Dashboards into financial analysis is the key evaluating the performance of our real estate assets, and Cognos Analytics on Cloud provides unique opportunities to compare real-time to projections and is able to sort out situations that requires evaluation of quality managing personnel, maintaining vendors and letting effectiveness easily. The capability to display data from diverse contexts with only a few clicks makes the Dashboard tool important, helping in real-time decision making. The new tiered options will make it easier for even additional users and small organizations to use IBM Cognos Analytics functionalities to constrain improved results.”


    In this latest version, IBM has also updated the Compare Card feature of the platform, which helps the users to create compare cards easily, that facilitates users to visually show a comparison between two similar products or regions. The different aggregation it supports is now able to sync across different procedures. The features enable advanced analytics visualizations concludes the key driver for various items, such as product line or employment status based on the category, differentiating it from continuous numeric values.




    Version 11.1.3 is designed to facilitate users and provide fast processing. It also has a new training module that allows new clients to get on the cloud easily and immediately with a trial. When you sign up four team members to the trial, it transfers the trial to the solution after it is purchased.


    Whether you are a professional or business owner, you should undergo IBM Cognos Training to understand and learn this amazing software with ease-of-access features to facilitate your working and for enhanced growth.