Along with Dofus Kamas getting a drop box system

  • Along with Dofus Kamas getting a drop box system, you can, should you get to the 400 floor, get the replacement for reflections that are dreamlike: The reflection. This allows you to procure cosmetic objects and an ornament that is evolving, especially imposing at its last degree and replaces your loot! With a big extension, a bunch of stuff is bound to come! The 2.54 covering a broad spectrum of components and modes and provides a couple unique objects in addition to 4 outfits, is no exception! But that is not all comes a fairly special type of decoration: The Prysmaradites. These offer quite bonuses at the start of the fight.

    The Ankama Launcher improves and Dofus advantages! A brand new chat feature was implemented, enabling you to send messages to your Ankama friends, in match or not. Better, it's possible to speak with somebody in sport... without being there! To follow up this summer, on balancing, a new wave of alterations is applied, mainly comprising changes existing in beta in recent weeks. Some additions are made on the Osamodas.

    Since a few upgrades, the Dofus team has undertaken to change all event equipment. The work continues, and besides some redesign of this Cape Tioube for its happy owners, over 35 items are changed, from Miss Amakna to the Saponnet of Kwismas' Amulet! NPC and dialogue buffs will be rewarded with the launch of the upgrade, as they'll unlock a"Hunting Knowledge" success. It'll be required to wait to have more!

    In order to generate life easier at reduced levels, it is possible to obtain Scale Fragments by fighting desired notices without the quest for your Emerald Dofus activated. You can always get them via the searches (which drastically risks raising their cost ), but it's going to not be possible to farm them. Additionally, they will reappear instantly should nothing has been given by them. To improve the fluidity and readability of fights, the number of turns for a state is displayed next to its icon. Easy or infected Ebony, invulnerable says, everything is going to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro be displayed at first glance!