So it's far simpler to find the circumstance

  • It's getting dumb, since it's already been addressed on Twitter they will not speak about things on their livestream, nowhere else although they announce earnings, if you want any account help it sounds the OSRS gold ideal place to go is Twitter. It is as if they operate a shit tier cellular game and don't have a website to announce any of this stuff and if you do not follow them on pay or twitter exceptionally close attention to people on this sub relaying the info on their behalf that you miss out.

    There has to be a feed on the main runescape website with community members curating and upgrading it if jagex wont assign a jmod. Any noteworthy tweet, comment, post, or discord message feeds into it. We had a debate about implementing this idea suggestion about the wiki.

    The largest problem with all these is that you still have to read past a whole lot of crap and useless posts to get to some meaningful/news information; none of these filter out anything to make it more concise and to the point. Also, any of the reddit or discord message monitoring will be out of context, so the real significance might just completely bypass you in the event that you don't go farther in the discussion and look back at all of the previous messages in the time that one was submitted. Twitter is somewhat better in this respect because the thread of replies is maintained.

    So it's far simpler to find the circumstance, but still requires extra time spent studying through other stuff that might have been more neatly packed into a condensed on-site article or in-game message. Some sort of weekly roundup of advice from Twitter, Reddit, and Discord ought to be submitted to the primary website for a news article. Matters like coldfixes hotfixes, and maintenance that is scheduled needs to have a note in the lobby or login messages someplace.

    Yeah absolutely. Like the person who posted the screenshot of 1,600 or something stars they bought. Thats ~32m xp that they got super economical since he happened to follow the ideal account on Twitter. How the hell is that fair? I mostly just jump reddit when I'm killing time, I can't recall the last time I had been on here while sitting in my PC. Usually I do not even read this sub because I am a buy osrs gold safe fairly casual RuneScape participant and only use reddit for memes or trendy items.