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  • Can EA reveal me the part where they actually make a NFL game with gameplay that is actual? I used to Mut 21 coins love 2k5! The cribs and the Individual QB had been Insane were something awesome. Hoping to get something like that in a madden game in the future! Not going to lie I was always a bigger madden lover back then. At least back then though you might have more than one caliber nfl each game and game was great and respected as a fantastic game.

    It's way better. From game mode outlook and a features Madden 05 is 10 times Madden NFL 21 of Madden 21. Madden pissed me off so much last year. You can't do anything when their servers are down... And they go down frequently. You can't be serious? Madden gameplay has been awful. Ps2 and original Xbox Madden were hands down the best in terms of gameplay. There is not a chance madden 21 gameplay comes close.

    Doubt you will discover lots of people whose played all of them (such as me) that would concur with that. Madden 05 was nice, although a little improvement over 04, but it was not nearly as good as NFL2K (that most of us know is why EA compensated to crush their product). Madden NFL 21play improved after until around 08 but has really stagnated in the past five years. The animation system which underpins all the interactions that were in-game has reached its summit. They need to implement physics program, a animation & if they ever want to improve Madden NFL 21play more.

    Everytime I play Madden 21 I wish it could have backbreaker's engine. I really loved backbreaker for a good while also, even bought. Gauntlet style was the shizz, although only thing I disliked was that the zoom in on the camera. I remember being just like 13 and finding the alley demonstration on the ps shop, since I could not afford the game, and enjoying with that nonstop. Frankly played more than than any madden lol shit was really good.

    What makes Madden NFL 21play of Madden 05 better than Madden NFL 21play of Madden 21? Well for the one, Madden 21 has animations that simply defy the laws of logic. Madden 21, to blocking schemes, listen, it is not programmed to form a pocket for a QB. Computer awareness in madden 21 is awful, players gliding to make tackles, gliding around to create interceptions. The ability to drop 21 yards back and heave a ball 70 yards is some of problems. EA officially quit caring about their merchandise and just their money. Ultimate team is going to buy Madden 21 coins be the one thing they care about because it makes money.