Zion Williamson is the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen cover athlete

  • For the cover of this next-generation version of NBA 2K21, we wanted to find. Zion is one of the few players that are young who has met the hype and could be thought of as a standard bearer for the next generation. We are thrilled that he is currentlyc NBA 2K21 MT representing the 2K21. Who did not see this coming for the Next Gen cover? It is the advertising move in a long time. Idk how people are seriously questioning Zion is on the cover.

    Because they think it ought to be based off merit as it has been in the past. Lebron did not get his ASAP. You should earn it by enjoying great. Dame waited to receive his. Dude played 19 games of basketball that was superior and he receives a cover. Spida cover, Ja Morant cover where is my Jeremy Lin cover if thats the case. Understand they think its wrong. Luka is/will be a bettee participant than Zion most likely by playing in a top level for two seasons and he earned it. I guess some people guessed it was a mix of popularity AND skill not only"Whole lotta people dick riding this guy. Lets give it to him".

    I know he but I feel like it needs to be noticed that LeBron has been FAR more hyped up than Zion and 11 years, he had to wait to get his pay. That is because when lebron was starting out, NBA 2K was promoting of marketing criteria that are distinct. Now is more about the jersey of a is currently selling. It is not nonsensical. Like it makes complete sense Zion would be on the cover here, no question. So I've heard. I still think among Spida, Embiid (popular, charismatic and the best choice beside Luka), KAT, Trae, Brandon Ingram (longshot I know), Ja or Tatum were in line before Zion.

    Thought not one of then are popular as Zion Embiid and Trae Young. I believe Spida is good enough but not charismatic or brassy enough. Regardless I believe there were other excellent choices. If he goes through an Embiid phase and takes a few years and more than 50 games to play then that will age nicely. Not even contemplating (knock on wood) if he pulls on a Greg Oden.

    I truly hope at a confront scan of Kobe, the very least two items and at least one of those 08-10 teams. If they don't do either of these too, I will be disappointed. If they did something similar to MJ Challenge at 2011 that will be ideal but knowing 2K I dont believe they'll include all that lol.I wager one of those 08-10 teams will make it in so that you may play as the 24 version of Kobe on a classic group. Hopefully Ron, Bynum, and Lamar will all let 2K utilize their rights. If that means anything, lamar had a card in MyTeam this year. I'd love to have the 2010 group the most, but yeah, would certainly take any of them.

    People are understandably angry if Kobe weren't the cover athlete, but which makes him the cover athlete feels exploitative since it is a costly video game. It does feel weird if this variant has become the most expensive one by much, though. And if this is the Cheap MT NBA 2K21 most affordable version people would state that 2K are disrespecting Kobe (usually the bigger players are about the more expensive versions). Either way the price difference is not even that huge. Its not that profound.