The difference between villa elevator and passenger elevator

  • In recent years, as consumers' awareness and demand for villa elevators continue to increase, more and more villa owners have realized that elevators have become essential household equipment in villas. So, what is the difference between a villa elevator and a commercial passenger elevator?

    1. Differences in plane structure

    Hoistway location and space setting: The villa hoistway location space determines the elevator space and door opening size. It is a good plan to install an elevator in the middle of the stairs and combine with the stairs. There are usually three issues to pay attention to: the middle of the stairs, the corners, and the external hangers are all right. It is better not to block the passage in the middle.

    2. The supporting roles of elevator decoration are different

    The choice and determination of elevator styles should mainly consider the hoistway environment and personal preferences, and then consider the cost and difficulty. Generally speaking, a closed hoistway should be a closed car, and the decoration in a closed car should be consistent with the architectural interior decoration style. At present, the villa elevator has specially set up five car decoration style series: modern, post-modern, Chinese, European, and future. The hoistway should be equipped with a observation car, that is, what kind of hoistway is equipped with what style, of course, some can choose three-sided Observation Elevators or partial observation style, and choose the most comfortable way.