Light steel villa is light in weight and has good seismic perfo

  • Compared with traditional houses, light gauge steel villa manufacturers have outstanding advantages:

    1. The light steel structure accessories of light steel structure villas have a high degree of mechanization and commercialization.

    2. The construction speed of light steel villas is relatively fast, mainly used for dry operations, which is conducive to civilized construction.

    3. Light steel structure villas are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

    4. The light steel villa is light in weight and has good seismic performance.

    5. The comprehensive economic indicators of light steel villas are lower than that of reinforced concrete structures.

    6. Compared with brick houses, light steel villas can avoid resource waste caused by adobe bricks

    7. Light steel villas, due to the small wall thickness of the light steel structure, can increase the effective use area than the brick-concrete structure;

    8. Compared with reinforced concrete houses, light steel villas can be recycled because of light steel, but concrete cannot be recycled. Later, it must be construction waste, causing environmental pressure, and it takes 40 years for concrete to dry. Therefore, it is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, which is not good for human health. However, the lightweight steel structure does not use concrete at all, so there is no such problem.

    9. Light steel villas have good seismic performance. Since earthquake activity is left and right, the light steel structure connected by screws forms a safe and stable box, which will not cause wall or floor collapse due to earthquake vibration.

    PTH Light steel villa is manufactured by Stud Mill which combined Frame CAD software with Heyes' roll forming technology., which is the state-of-the-art fully automatic production line with tolerance to 0.5 mm

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