Outdoor camping cooler cart is really pleasantly surprised

  • In addition to the basic wheel design and storage elastic rope, it is also equipped with a hidden dinner plate and a detachable Bluetooth speaker. Such a powerful function, if there is a mobile refrigerator award, it is an outdoor patio cooler cart.

    Xinshidai cooler cart has two specifications: 60QT and 80QT. It is sufficient for ice cubes or beverages and food. The internal partition can freely allocate space; the double-open lid has a beverage groove and a 2.2-liter smoothie conditioning. If you want to have a healthy juice or adjust the cup, you can easily get it. The magnetic bottle opener allows you to drink from bottle to bottle without limit; if you want to make a light meal, there are plates and knives in the refrigerator lid Unlike cutting boards, outdoor cooking is not troublesome at all.

    You can't live without cooler cart products while enjoying outdoor activities. The Cooler cart has a built-in large-capacity battery and an additional USB charger, allowing you to check in and update anytime and anywhere. What's more intimate is the detachable Bluetooth speaker, even without your own speakers. Although the music season has just passed but the summer has not left yet, if you love outdoor activities like Lao Mei, what are you waiting for?

    Cixi xinshidai cooler cart can also customize your favorite colors and patterns, please contact us if you need: custom cooler cart.