Different washing methods of different coated fabrics

  • Coated textiles are materials that have undergone a special process to form a uniform coating compound on the textile surface. Coated fabrics can be basically divided into the water-soluble coated fabric, PVC and PE coated fabrics and PU coated fabric.

    1. Water-soluble coated fabric

    Fabrics that use water-soluble coatings cannot be washed by washing, so such fabrics are often marked as not washable. If you use water to wash, it will cause the coating to dissolve in the water, and the coating part will become sticky. However, this kind of coating is mainly composed of polyvinyl alcohol. If it is washed in cold water in a very short time and dried quickly, it is still possible to maintain its original state.

    2. PVC and PE coated fabrics

    The main component of PVC coating is polyvinyl chloride resin, and PE coating is a polyethylene resin. They cannot withstand dry cleaning. After washing, the coated fabric with PVC will become hard and brittle, making the clothes unusable.

    3. PU coated fabric

    PU coated fabrics appeared after PVC and PE coated fabrics. The main component of the coating is a polyurethane resin. Many well-known brands of clothing will use this type of coated fabric and require dry cleaning. This kind of coated fabric can withstand a certain number of dry cleaning, but will gradually become hard after more dry cleaning. Therefore, even PU-coated fabric garments should be washed as much as possible without affecting the washing quality standards.

    Mastering the above three coating fabric washing methods will make your clothes last longer. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-quality fabrics, please contact us if necessary.