Introduce The Wear And Tear Of Cutting Tools Wholesale

  • In our surroundings or in our lives, we often see all kinds of cutting tools or cutting tools wholesale . Because there are still many uses of cutting tools. After using for a long time, the cutting tools will wear out more or less, so will the cutting tools wear out during the processing?

    During cutting, the hard points in the workpiece material or the built-up edge fragments adhered to the workpiece and chips will carve groove marks on the surface of the tool, causing the tool to wear. This is mainly caused by mechanical friction, also known as mechanical wear.

    When cutting plastic materials, there is a relatively large pressure between the tool and the workpiece and the chips. At an appropriate temperature, bonding occurs between the tool and the chip, and the contact surface of the tool and the workpiece. Due to the cutting movement, after the bonding point is broken, the particles on the surface of the tool are taken away, causing the tool to wear.

    Under higher temperature conditions (700~800℃), the surface material of the tool will oxidize with oxygen in the air to form a low-strength oxide film. The oxide film is easily wiped off by the workpiece or chips, causing tool wear.

    So in the process of processing, there will be wear if you are not careful, and threading tools are the same.