Application Fields of Hook SmCo Magnets

  •   Hook magnets or magnetic hooks enjoy a wide range of applications in our everyday life. The reason why they are very popular is that they only need a metal surface to secure them. In today’s article, let take a look at hook magnets and their different uses.

      Hook SmCo Magnet

      The hook magnet is a type of very practical magnet that can make our lives easier in many everyday situations. Typically, a hook magnet consists of a hook, the lower part of which has a magnetic base, forming the same piece. It only needs a magnetic surface to fix the magnet and can fix various objects in its hook which saves the trouble of glue, punching, and tightening screws, and you can hold the objects you need in a cleaner and easier way.

      Application Fields of Hook Magnets

      The application range of hook magnets or magnetic hooks is very wide. Just as I’ve already mentioned above, this kind of magnet is very popular among people because they are very convenient to use. You only need a metal surface to secure them. Therefore, the hook magnet is a daily aid, whether for domestic use in garages, kitchens, or bathrooms.

      In addition, hook magnets can also be used in the workplace, especially in warehouses, in which there are metal shelves to which the hook magnets can be attached, thus offering another choice to keep the workplace clean and organized. The same principle applies to cooking, especially in kitchens, where it always needs to be fast, but meanwhile, you must maintain a certain order. Thus, the hook magnets are an ideal choice.

      Furthermore, hook magnets can also be applied in advertising. For example, at trade fairs and exhibitions, they can ensure the list of items needed for the best advertising effect is never missing. Hook Alnico Ring Magnets can easily be attached to metal brackets, and posters with advertising slogans or product samples can be secured without nails or tape. Moreover, they can then be removed in an easy, fast, and clean way.