Learn Why Chest Freezer Factory Does Not Refrigerate

  • In the hot summer, the refrigerator is a good helper for everyone to cool off, but frequent use can also cause problems with the refrigerator. One of the problems is the uncoiling of the refrigerator freezer. Sometimes Chest Freezer Factory will encounter this kind of problem, so let's take a look at what caused it and how to solve it.

    When the ambient temperature is lower than the normal starting temperature of the temperature controller, check whether the low-temperature switch of the refrigerator is turned on. Only when the low-temperature switch is turned on can the temperature controller be forced on.

    If the compressor can work, determine whether there is a refrigerant (commonly known as syrup) in the refrigeration system. Let the refrigerator run for a few minutes, then unplug it, and listen carefully for the sound of liquid flowing in the copper pipe. If not, it means that the refrigerant in the system has leaked, or the compressor has lost its working capacity.

    The above are two of the reasons why the refrigerator compartment is not refrigerated. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. When the top open door freezer cold room at home is not cooling, you can check your home refrigerator based on the reasons introduced above.