Gel eye mask is quite popular in the market

  • Can not sleep at night, get up in the morning, Shanghai continued "barbecue day", there is no "scorched" your sleep? According to Taobao released the latest data show: this year, online shopping goggles, earplugs, alarm clock and other number of the city list, north of Guangshen four first-tier cities collective list. Among them, Shanghai to buy sleep products accounted for the largest proportion of the total population of the city. Especially in the recent daytime continued 40 ℃, leaving the dress must be bright Shanghai white-collar workers to become the country's most vulnerable "insomnia" white-collar group.

    Day high temperature to sleep so bad crowd surge, so Taobao formed a considerable "sleep market." Reporters today in Taobao search keywords "goggles", jump out of the baby there are nearly 90,000, from the summer for the ice bag goggles, silk goggles, bamboo charcoal goggles to 3D goggles, cartoon pattern goggles. Especially since the summer ice bag goggles popular, and some sell well in the shop single product trading volume on a sudden tens of thousands of pieces.

    At the same time, there are many sellers in the pillow to make a fuss. Nowadays, there are not only days of arrogance of wild chrysanthemum pillows, lavender pillows, buckwheat pillows, cassia seed pillows and so on cool pillow, even millet, dates and other foods have been marked to promote the sleep label.

    In addition, white-collar parents for the most troubled day of sleep sleep disturbed, there are special online sleep toys and help sleep lights. For children, those small turtles, small stars can not only starred in the stars like the light, but also on behalf of my parents tell the story, let the baby in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere to sleep; for their own, there are rainy night jungle sound and wall Optional, can make people in the simulation of the natural night environment to sleep.

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