A Cost-effective Method- Polyurethane Injection Grouting

  •   Polyurethane grouting is the process of injecting polyurethane to fill up and seal cracks, joints or any forms of voids in concrete or masonry compounds. A special form of polyurethane with expanding property is commonly used in polyurethane grouting. The purpose of polyurethane grouting is generally to create a waterproof barrier to stop water flow, seal cracks and joints and to fill empty voids.

      The Polyurethane injection grouting is injected using low to high pressure, depending on the concrete’s compactness and strength. When in contact with the prevalent water or moisture in the slab, polyurethane grout expands up to ten times its original volume to fill and seal the cracks and voids. With the pressure, the grout is able to reach deep into the concrete slab and seal up any cracks and voids completely. The same injection port is usually injected twice, the second time will be done after the first injection has cured so as to ensure a complete coverage of the grout. It is important to carry out this step to ensure that any unfilled voids from the first injection is fully filled from the second injection.

      Polyurethane injection grouting is a very common and cost-effective method to repair water leakages through concrete substrates. Most of the leakages happening in your toilet, ceiling, basement wall, balcony etc can be repaired via polyurethane injection grouting. It is a common misconception that grouting will cause the leakage to “shift” to another location. Firstly, a leakage is constituted by the prevailing cracks and joint weaknesses in the concrete substrate. By carrying out polyurethane injection grouting, we are repairing the concrete’s defects and making sure that the concrete is back to its original water-tight condition. There will not be any leakage through concrete if there is no cracks, voids or joint weaknesses.

      As our infrastructure ages, we bound to experience wear and tear and structural defects which consequentially cause water leakage issues. Polyurethane injection grouting has been and will continue to be a very cost-effective and efficient method to repair the structural defects and stop any water leakage problems.

      Interior Slab Repair Debate - Which repair option is best?

      We are often asked which is better - Polyurethane (poly) foam injection (or mudjacking) or deep compaction grouting?

      Polyurethane injection is about 5-8 times cheaper than compaction grouting.

      The answer requires some explanation of various conditions. Generally polyurethane injection is about 5-8 times cheaper than compaction grouting, however it does not improve the soil below, rather it is a surface treatment. Though one should not look at cost alone when making a repair plan decision.

      How are polyurethane injections used in a foundation repair?

      To better explain how polyurethane injections are used in a foundation repair.

      In other applications, such as basement backfill zones, or other deeper soil problems without the benefit of the footing slab interaction, poly injection presents a less confident solution as it does not improve soil conditions but rather only raises the slab to a more desirable elevation.

      Even in these applications it may still make sense to select it over compaction grouting since it can be reinstalled, several times, for less than the cost of compaction grouting... no, really. The deciding factor is usually things like downtime, inconvenience, avoiding multiple repairs to floor finishes and other similar reasons.

      Polyurethane injections are a cost effective way to level a concrete slab.

      Both compaction grouting and poly /mudjacking injections have valid arguments for use depending on circumstances and site conditions. Basically, like any other foundation repair, we need to look at the full picture before deciding on a repair plan route.

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