If You Want To Make Money From A New Sealed Gel Battery Or Batt

  •   In recent years, the popularity of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries has soared, but few people really know how to care for them. If you want to make money from a new Sealed Gel Battery or battery pack, you should install it as a system instead of simply putting it in to replace a fully charged battery.

      Battery manufacturers hope to charge their batteries to a 100% state of charge after each discharge. In fact, very few cruise ships (or any ship anchored on a moored ship) restore their batteries to a 100% state of charge after each cycle. This typical battery usage or abuse phenomenon is called a partially charged state. If this state continues, the sailor can see that the performance of his AGM battery is significantly lower than the lower cost, deep-cycle fully charged battery pack. This is not a battery failure; this is not a battery failure. It's just a lack of understanding of how to properly maintain AGM batteries.

      The frequently overlooked ingredient in Sealed Maintenance Free Battery maintenance is equalizing charging, which should be changed regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations. During the equalization process, a voltage higher than the normal charging voltage (15.2 volts to 16 volts) is applied to the fully charged battery. Equalization can restore some of the lost capacity, and it can also enable a single unit to achieve a better balance. In an article on "Practical Sailor" in 2008, veteran cruiser Andy OGrady described how he used equalization techniques to extend the life of his heavily used wet batteries.

      Generally, equalizing AGM batteries is more complicated than submerging lead-acid batteries (many AGM manufacturers don’t even provide guidance on how to do this), so it becomes more difficult to reach 100% state of charge after each cycle Critical.

      Last winter, we set out to try to solve the problem of AGM use and charging, and by making the AGM battery in a partially charged state to more clearly show the permanent damage we caused to the AGM battery. We choose AGM batteries for many reasons, but the main reason is that they can be self-maintained: they are easier to test.