What Are The Materials Of Hardwood Door Frame

  •   The wood chosen for the construction of the Hardwood Door Frame will have a lasting impact. Many frameworks can be used for decades. Before choosing the type of wood, you should consider several factors such as frame location, structure type, and cost. Based on these considerations, you can build a door frame that is both beautiful and reasonable in structure.

      Outside frame

      The choice of wood for the outer frame can be difficult. It must be strong, prevent accidental entry and be durable, and be able to withstand extreme weather conditions including multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Your framework must also be consistent with the existing structure and fit into the framework.

      You can match mahogany or teak wood when constructing the outer frame. Both can provide a premium appearance, as well as strength and durability that will last for decades. The quality of these materials is indeed high-cost, so if you consider the price, White Oak can do the job and easily stain any color you want.

      Internal frame

      When building the internal frame, you don't have to worry about the harsh elements of wood, so you can be better in appearance than strength. Your main consideration should be to choose the wood that matches the door you choose and the room where the door is installed. Common choices for interior frames are Adler, maple, and pine, of which pine is the most popular.

      The interior door frame wood should be easily painted to suit various decorations, or if you want a more traditional look, it can be dyed well.