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  • The right way to store cigs? Can cigs be chilled Cigarettes, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA to provide a commodity, shouldn't have a level life and will eventually go mouldy in cases where stored wrongly. Some many people say which will putting cigarettes with the fridge keep them for many years, but that could be really authentic? Today Xiaobian might introduce the right Newport 100s Cigarettes way to hold cigarettes. Let's review it. Cigs are more desirable refrigerated and frozen Cigs, as from the commodity, shouldn't have a exact warranty precious time. If accordingly stored, they are definitely stored for 2 years or simply longer. Wholesale Cigarettes Store Put that cigarettes with the refrigerator, it's a method a growing number of people comprehend. When you keep cigs, it is ideal to gift wrap them whole at a clinker backpack and get them with the freezer.